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  • Family Based Applications & Petitions
  • Naturalization Applications
  • Registry
  • Investor Visas
  • Non Immigrant Visas
  • Employer Compliance
  • Temporary and Permanent Work Visas
  • Preparation, Maintenance, Review and Auditing of I-9 Forms

We are the best qualified lawyer to help you understand the often complicated laws pertaining to immigration and nationality.

As a Spanish-speaking attorney at law I bring you the most understanding, experienced, highest quality legal representation and defense for all immigration and naturalization matters. Our firm represents individuals before United States citizenship agencies and Immigration Services. We also expertly counsel businesses in almost all aspects of immigration law.  Our services for employers, business and individuals include the list above. As an immigration lawyer in the local area, with many years experience in a large variety of cases you are afforded the best counsel in employer, family and personal immigration issues including work visas, investor visas, petitions and applications—and all else. Our clients are happy to refer us as the best legal services locally available.

St. Helena. Napa. Napa Valley. Napa County. Sonoma. Sonoma County. Santa Rosa.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – My Case Status

We are pleased to provide an opportunity for those with pending immigration applications to check the status of their application.

To check the status of your application please click on the following link and follow the instructions provided:



  • Peticiones y solicitudes para Familias
  • Solicitud de Naturalización
  • Registro
  • Visas de Inversionista
  • Visas para No-Inmigrantes
  • Conformidad de Empleador
  • Visas de Trabajo Temporales y Permanentes
  • Preparación, Mantenimiento, Revisión y Auditoría de Formas I-9

Te podemos ayudar a entender las generalmente complicadas leyes de inmigración y nacionalidad.

Representamos individuos ante los Servicios de Inmigración de Estados Unidos y asesoramos negocios en la mayoría de aspectos de la ley de inmigración. Nuestros servicios para empleadores, negocios e individuos incluyen los anteriores.

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