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Wine Law

Leading wine lawyer legal representation Rafael Rios, Napa, Sonoma, St. Helena.

Wine and Vineyard Industries
Land Use
ABC & TTB Licensing, Permitting and Business Practices
Alternating Proprietorship Agreements
Custom Crush Agreements
Grape Purchase Agreements
Vineyard Lease Agreements

If you are looking for the best, most experienced lawyer for all wine or alcoholic beverage law and land use legal representation, please call us today. The experience for my legal advice and counsel in the wine and related industries comes not only from our legal expertise, but also from my personal working in the local wine industry.

Having worked in the wine industry throughout my life—in various aspects of the business—I have unique and applicable insight into all areas of the industry. From the vineyard issues to winery purchase and ownership, and land use, we have the knowledge to process and bring your business to a successful and best conclusion. Wine law is complex, and you require a very resourceful, expert attorney at law to best represent your interests. St. Helena. Napa. Napa Valley. Napa County. Sonoma. Sonoma County. Santa Rosa. Contact us at 707-967-9920 to schedule a consultation today.

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